Our vision is to become a leading global provider of biological products for animals by:

  • Developing new and innovative products that are attractive to pet owners and meet the needs of the global veterinary market.
  • Offering products that effectively contribute to the improved health and well-being of companion animals.
  • Providing the public with an alternative to traditional chemical or synthetic based pharmaceutical products.
  • Cultivating a stimulating and challenging workplace that invites our employees commitment and development of a positive work environment.
  • Providing a great opportunity for long-term returns for our investors, in one of the fastest growing industries.


Business Model

Adartis Animal Health along with our global partners, offer extensive expertise in biologicals, medical device, and drug development.  We bring a depth of business acumen and a marketing team with experience in global commercialization of products.  Our business model is to research, develop, test, and market the best available biological technologies for application in the veterinary space.  We go to market with products sold exclusively through licensed veterinarians, veterinary pharmacies and strategic partnerships. 

Our organization is supplemented with external expertise and capabilities, including clinical development, manufacturing, and commercialization.  Our business partners assist the company in clinical discussions as well as research and development related issues. The production of the company's products is via GMP certified partners who meet the highest level of quality standards.



As a Bio-Pharma, our scope is specialized in biotech innovations but not limited to enzymes, microbials, and probiotics.  Our growth strategy is derived from a deep understanding of customer needs and market focus.  Our overall growth strategy is based on four principle foundations:

Innovative Products
Growth of our enzyme and microbial-based product portfolio is through our innovative research and development combined with that of our partners. Our strategy is to identify veterinary needs for which there is little or no efficacy with current category offerings or value propositions.

The Clear Alternative
Provide the veterinary community with safe, highly effective, natural products as an alternative to traditional chemical or synthetic based products on the market.

Veterinary Distribution
Delivering highly effective products, technologies and tools to veterinarians throughout the veterinary community.  Our products are only sold to pet owners through licensed veterinarians and veterinary pharmacies.

Strong Corporate Culture
Knowledge-intensive, entrepreneurial organization whose culture is characterized by commitment, initiative, and willingness to bring new and innovative products to the veterinary community.   

We are a family-owned business of veterinarians, scientists, entrepreneurs and pet lovers.  We understand the needs of the market, the practices, and their clients.  Our goal is to fill these gaps with the best available technologies all while helping address the health of our companion animals.


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